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I have 30 years of experience when it comes to barbecue and smoking meats. I traveled all over the country looking for the best barbecue. During that journey, I have always looked for key components when it comes to Quality BBQ. If you're looking for real quality barbecue just drive around the building and look for wood and blue smoke coming from a pit or smokers. I truly believe a Pitmaster is an artist and an architect. It's about time, technique, passion and heart. I strongly feel, I produce high quality barbecue. I use 100% real wood, I do not substitute for coal nor do I substitute for lump coal, it’s 100% wood (Hickory, Cherry, Pecan). My seasonings are made from scratch with special blends that enhance the flavor of meat you desire. The two key comments I look for in true pit BBQ are, the bark and the smoke ring. This is a been a dream of mine for many years and now it's time to let you all enjoy some of the best DEM BBQ.

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1000 Isleworth Drive, Franklin, TN 37064, US

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